45 Refugees Documented Their Lives With Disposable Cameras for New Art Project

Each participant—individuals hailing from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Congo, Eritrea and other countries— got seven days to capture their experience as a refugee. Here's what they want you to see.
Helaina Hovitz

Syrian Teen Refugees Turned to Filmmaking to Tell Their Stories

Classes on screenwriting, storytelling, directing, cinematography and acting at the Azraq camp in Jordan are giving refugees a creative outlet to share their experiences.
Brandt Andersen
Livable Planet

Jordanian Cities Use Clean Energy Initiatives to Help Refugees and Locals

A groundbreaking international consortium relieves the pressure on scarce natural resources, create jobs and reduce rents for low-income locals and refugees.
Alice Rowsome

Fighting Deforestation Is Giving Hope to Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

One of the biggest refugee settlements in the world is giving refugees the chance to earn a living and regenerate forests at the same time.
Alice Rowsome
World Refugee Day

On World Refugee Day, Now Is the Wrong Time to Turn Your Back

As the global refugee displacement burden grows - with 10 million new people displaced in 2016 alone - the call for long-term solutions from the international community only grows louder.
Chiara Trincia

One Syrian Family's Story

How some refugees fled their war-torn country to safety only to face even more hardships.
Emma Ferrer