Empowering Women Could Reduce Climate Change

The UN's new Gender Action Plan focuses on women achieving equal representation in government across the world by addressing climate change issues.
Jessica Williamson

Waste in the Fashion Industry Made Me Create a Sustainable Clothing Line

The fashion industry is polluting the planet and I plan to do something about it.
Kaya Dorey

What Last Week's Traffic Jams in NYC Meant for Social Impact

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's social innovation program Solve wants to provide key funding, networks, and support for the world's brightest minds and ideas.
Alex Amouyel
Rise Up

Global People's Summit Seeks to Engage All in Social Impact Conversation

The Global People’s Summit +Social Good in partnership with the United Nations is trying to get people around the world involved with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Aaron Barksdale
Rise Up

People Are Celebrating the Progress They’ve Made Towards Changing the World

Around the world, individuals and groups are coming to together for a day of action to advance the UN's global goals for social good.
Katelyn Harrop
Created with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Muslim Leaders in Senegal are Improving Women’s Access to Contraceptives

This religious community is committed to ensuring gender equality for Senegalese women.
Impact Staff
Livable Planet

The UN's First US Cities SDG Index Ranks Your Town's Sustainability

See whether or not your hometown made the cut for the UN's most sustainable cities list.
Impact Staff
Rise Up

Running A Startup For Social Good Is Exhausting But We Must Act Now

The challenges facing young people won’t solve themselves.
Alex Amouyel

Facing Turmoil and Conflict, Syrian Refugees Tell Their Own Story

"Refugee youths carry immense creative capital, and the most untapped potential because of the uncertainty they are forced to navigate in their day to day life."
Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din

Brooklyn Mermaid Parade Was a Glorious Ocean Conservation Freak-Fest

Wet and wild fun with a bit activism too.
Aaron Barksdale
The Rundown

Support the Planet’s Most Vulnerable Community on World Refugee Day

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
Impact Work

#MeWeSyria is Battling Displacement with Social Media Storytelling

This UN and MIT-approved grassroots initiative lets refugees change the crisis narrative by using interpersonal communication.
Nick Chedli Carter