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Constant Exposure to Politics via Social Media is Bad for Your Mental Health

Unplugging seems to be the obvious answer, but many of us cannot disconnect entirely.
Helaina Hovitz
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Trump’s Attacks on Black Athletes Left Them More United Than Ever for 2018

Last year was the start of a modern movement where athletes refused to stick to just sports, and began to embrace their influence to speak out on important issues.
Shonitria Anthony
The Rundown

Twitter Cracks Down on Nazis With New Policies Banning Hate Speech

After digital organizers put pressure on the social network, it's finally addressing the issue of hateful behavior online, leaving many wondering what this means for @realdonaldtrump.
Impact Staff

Ethnicity Makes All the Difference for Trump When Responding to National Tragedies

There’s been no shortage of calls for “thoughts and prayers," but a consistent trend emerges when it comes to how the president and elected leaders respond to national tragedy.
Jasper Craven
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If You Care About Workers' Rights, Demand Employers Give Livable Wages

It's going to take a combination of political activism and business-led efforts to ensure worker wages increase across the country.
Aaron Barksdale
Slay of the day

Twitter Backlash Forces Houston Pastor Joel Osteen to Be a Good Samaritan

Aaron Barksdale
Slay of the day

The Internet Is Convinced That Goldilocks Is a Story About Gentrification

Harmless childhood fable, or allegory for white privilege?
Aaron Barksdale
Donald Trump

Twitter is Having a Cow Making Fun of Trump's 'Local Milk People' Quote

The president used the phrase in a call to the Australian prime minister, and nobody really knows what it means.
Impact Staff
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Twitter Puts Trump in His Place After Tweets Banning Trans Troops

The internet was not here for Trump's transphobic triggering remarks.
Aaron Barksdale
Ana Wu
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LGBTQ Twitter Unites to Roast Homophobia with #HeterosexualPrideDay

Epic shutdown from Twitter trolls trying to co-opt LGBTQ pride.
Aaron Barksdale
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Betsy DeVos Gets Dragged On Twitter For Federal Cuts to Education

That feeling when you know you done fucked up.
Aaron Barksdale