Student debt

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This Higher Ed Advocacy Group Wants to Eliminate Student Debt in California

Students average $35,000 in debt, but a free tuition advocacy organization wants to redefine how higher education is funded in their state.
Eric Kingrea
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Occupy Wall Street Artists Are Fighting Corporate Control Over Museums

Activists are challenging the 1 percent's influence in the art world and tackling art student debt.
Aaron Barksdale

Billions in Untapped College Financial Aid Is up for Grabs With This New Tool

An online platform helps move students past the outdated FAFSA to streamline the process of making college more affordable.
Helaina Hovitz
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For 45 Million Americans, Student Debt Could Be a Thing of the Past

Some lawmakers really do want to make college affordable again, and here's how.
Kimberly Lawson
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Bernie Sanders on Why the Time Is Now to Make College Tuition Free

The debilitating price tag on college, coupled with the fact that 44 million Americans already owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, is why Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the 'College for All' Act earlier this year.
Kimberly Lawson

Bernie Sanders: We Must Make Public Colleges and Universities Tuition Free

Americans face almost $1.5 trillion in debt in the name of higher education.
Bernie Sanders
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California Lawmakers Want to Fight Student Debt by Covering Your Rent

The "Degrees Not Debt" program wants to make college more accessible by paying for housing, books, transportation, and other hefty college costs.
Katelyn Harrop

College Students Are Freaked Out That Their Student Loans Might Get Cut

In March, President Trump proposed to eliminate almost $4 billion in Pell Grants. We asked college students what that means for them.
Ana Wu