The 'FoodFight!' Campaign to End Food Waste Makes Meal Donations as Easy as Using a Rideshare App

Local activists launched a campaign to urge LA restaurants to put their tossed-out leftovers to good use.

Aaron Barksdale

Ways Everyday People Can Take Action on America's Homelessness Crisis Right Now

Want to make the world a better place? Here are a few immediate ways to help the most vulnerable among us.

Katelyn Harrop

This Pop-Up Barbershop Gives Underserved and Minority Groups Free Haircuts

California-based barber and activist Jaz Limos's non-profit, Saints of Steel, provides marginalized communities with a simple service to get them back on their feet.

Eric Kingrea

Not One Young American Should Have to Spend the Night Sleeping on the Streets

Ending youth homelessness requires a movement of government leadership, advocacy groups and social service providers coming together for change.

Kevin Ryan

This Student-Run Philadelphia Shelter Wants to Change Your Attitude About Homelessness

At this shelter, the lives of the people experiencing homelessness matter.

Stephanie Sena

The Filmmakers Behind Youth Homelessness Documentary 'SHELTER' Hope Their Film Inspires Action

Award-winning filmmakers Craig and Brent Renaud want their new VICE documentary to give visibility to a population which is too often ignored.

Jonathan Parks-Ramage

'SHELTER' Highlights the Fight to End America's Youth Homelessness Crisis

In VICE’s new documentary, we journey to New Orleans to speak with the staff and residents of Covenant House, America’s largest non-profit shelter, to issue an urgent call to action to address the plight of homeless youth.

Impact Staff

Cities Need to Invest More Public Funds to Help Homeless Teens

These activists are committed to ending Canada's youth homelessness crisis.

Alexis Chemblette

Justin Baldoni is Hosting a Block Party to Help the Homeless on Skid Row

The Skid Row Carnival of Love connects volunteers with one of the largest populations of homeless people in America in Downtown Los Angeles.

Matt Branham

Thousands of Homeless Teens Now Have Somewhere to Celebrate the Holidays

Despite our broken and underfunded child welfare system, community groups like Covenant House are providing much needed support at an emotional time.

Jim Kelly

Thousands of Homeless Children in Honduras Now Have a Place to Call Home

Casa Alianza tries to shelter and protect the helpless in a place that seems designed, at almost every social level, to obstruct them.

Eric Kingrea

Half a Million People Experience Homelessness Every Night in the US, But That Number is Changing

Here are the most effective organizations fighting to end teen homelessness worldwide.

Jonathan Parks-Ramage