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Florynce Kennedy Is an Intersectional Feminist Hero Worth Honoring During Black History Month

As an advocate for women and people of color, Florynce Kennedy fought for the rights of marginalized communities and empowered underprivileged Americans.
Aaron Barksdale
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As Trump Continues To Disregard Women's Rights, Take a Stand to Defend Reproductive Rights Across the Country

From protecting birth control to abortion, these advocacy groups are mobilizing in the courts, communities and Congress in 2018.
Katelyn Harrop
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Roe v. Wade Protections are Threatened by State Laws and Trump's Anti-Choice Stance Now More Than Ever

On the 45th Anniversary of the landmark case that solidified abortion as a right, Americans must remain vigilant to protect women's reproductive rights.
Impact Staff
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This Mobile Clinic Brings Sexual Health Care to Underserved Communities

Project Street Beat is a 30-year-old medical unit that reaches people that traditional healthcare services do not.
Cayte Bosler
Created with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Muslim Leaders in Senegal are Improving Women’s Access to Contraceptives

This religious community is committed to ensuring gender equality for Senegalese women.
Impact Staff
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Five Reproductive Rights Heroes You've Gotta Know About Right Now

These activists bring creativity and innovation to the front lines of reproductive health justice.
Katelyn Harrop
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Black Women’s Health Matters, But You Wouldn’t Know It in the U.S.

Women of color know this struggle all too well.
Nia Decaille

The Women Trolling the GOP with Bills that Restrict Viagra Use and Ejaculation

Throughout the US, female politicians are proposing laws that would regulate men's reproductive choices the way we regulate women's.
Rebecca Grant

How Anti-Choice Lawmakers Are Getting Around Roe v. Wade

Those 20-week abortion bans you keep hearing about are unconstitutional.
Sarika Chawla