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US Cities are Suing the Fossil Fuel Industry to Stop Irreparable Climate Change Damage

As the Trump administration continues to fawn over the fossil fuel industry rather that job-creating renewable energy, local proponents in New York and California are looking for ways to take up the fight in court.
Meg Charlton
Rise Up

The GOP Tax Bill Will Screw Over Young Americans in the Long-Term

American youths will have to speak up and come forward this year to fight the effects of the new tax plan down the line.
Matt Branham
Livable Planet

America Got a D+ Grade for Our Terrible Water Infrastructure

America was put to the test, and unfortunately it’s failing—literally. A new plan suggests the country needs 10 years and $150 billion to fix things.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Livable Planet

Washington DC's Sole Source of Drinking Water is Threatened by New Fracking Pipeline

A new pipeline would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to West Virginia under the Potomac River, a source of drinking water for around 6 million people, and much of the nation's capital.
Jessica Rohan

Hawaii Wants to Eliminate Fossil Fuels from All Public and Private Ground Transportation by 2045

By setting a clear goal to eliminate fossil fuels and tackle climate change head-on, Honolulu mayor Kirk Caldwell says the island state is sending a signal to the market and to the world that Hawaii is open for business in the best kind of way.
Kirk Caldwell
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These Ten Women Were Chosen to Be Our Next Climate Change Leaders

Women mayors and business leaders from some of the world’s biggest cities pledged to help them tackle climate change and deliver on the goals of the Paris climate agreement.
Meg Charlton
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Drinking Water and Native American Land Threatened by Proposed Pipeline Cutting Across Virginia and North Carolina

A 600-mile underground natural gas pipeline in the Southeast has communities divided and is prompting everyday residents to take action before the deal is done.
Kimberly Lawson
Livable Planet

Copenhagen and Wuhan are Among 90 Cities Linking Up to Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

They were honored at the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards, which supports cities addressing climate change in concrete and creative ways
Meg Charlton

We're Not Letting Trump's Policies Stop Our Cities from Fighting Climate Change

Despite the Trump administration's delusions about climate and energy, city leaders are moving forward without them.
Edwin Lee
Anne Hidalgo
Rahm Emanuel

This Neighborhood Without a Grocery Store for 40 Years Is Changing How It Gets Good Food

Without a large supermarket to feed local residents, a movement of nonprofits and other initiatives took its place to provide fresh and healthy produce.
Helaina Hovitz

Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery Comes Down to a Meeting on Wall Street

As Washington continues to stall on meaningful recovery, an upcoming meeting in Manhattan has huge implications for the future of hundreds of thousands of workers on the island who were already dealing with an economic catastrophe.
Alice Rowsome
Livable Planet

The Progress Report on American Cities Battling Climate Change Looks...Good

The Sierra Club released a new report about the Ready for 100 campaign. None of the cities profiled have reached their 100 percent clean energy goal yet, but they've taken steps in the right direction.
Meg Charlton