Unprecedented Numbers of LGBTQ Candidates are Running for Office in Response to the Trump Administration's Policies

Organizations like the Victory Fund are doubling efforts for crucial midterm elections this year.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Rise Up

Your State Could Remove Your Right to Vote Because You're Bad at Checking the Mail

The Supreme Court and states across the country are about to decide whether to strip registered voters of their right to participate on election day​.
Katelyn Harrop

In 2018, Sports Can Build a Social Movement Better Than Politics

As government, civic institutions and even music fall short to bring people together, the sports industry can do much more to live up to its potential for social impact.
Sebastian Buck and Neill Duffy
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Here’s How Trump Compares to Other World Leaders

It turns out Trump isn’t the only elected official with a less-than-enthusiastic approval rating.
Impact Staff
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Here's How Vice President Pence's Approval Ratings Compare to Joe Biden's

This is what the country thinks of Vice President Mike Pence after his first six months in office in comparison to Joe Biden.
Impact Staff
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How Voting in These States Could Be Rendered Meaningless Thanks to Gerrymandering

How you can stop the people intentionally redrawing electoral maps to give political parties an unfair advantage.
Katelyn Harrop
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This Grassroots Organization Empowers Female Candidates to Run For Local Elections

How the activists behind "Putting Women In Their Place" are leveling the political playing field for women and educating voters.
Kimberly Lawson

Italy’s First Black Legislator is Fighting Racism With New Immigration Laws

Cécile Kyengé is up against vile personal attacks, but says it's worth it in effort to protect Italy's most vulnerable.
Alexis Chemblette
Impact Equality

Redistricting Will Be the Biggest Threat to America's Next Election Cycle

Whether Democrat or Republican, the problem is on both sides in 2018 and 2020.
Eden Stuart
Impact Equality

Having More Women in Power Is Not Just About Being Fair

Women in government and high-level leadership in business symbolically and substantively move society in a more equitable direction.
Molly Bangs

Use Your Voice: The Future of the Country is in Our Hands!

An urgent summit addressing the state of political engagement takes place in London tonight. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it.
Matthew Whitehouse
The Rundown

Nevada Joins Eight Other States In Flipping Off Anti-LGBT Attitudes

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff