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US Cities are Suing the Fossil Fuel Industry to Stop Irreparable Climate Change Damage

As the Trump administration continues to fawn over the fossil fuel industry rather that job-creating renewable energy, local proponents in New York and California are looking for ways to take up the fight in court.
Meg Charlton

This College is Helping New York City Eliminate Landfill Waste by 2030

One of the greenest universities is located in the heart of New York City, but efforts for higher ed schools to go sustainable is spreading.
Hadley Cooper
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How Voting Flaws Protect the Manhattan DA Who Didn't Prosecute Harvey Weinstein

Candidates opposing the DA, who also declined to pursue felony fraud charges agains the Trump family, are shining a spotlight on the power of local elections.
Jasper Craven
Livable Planet

How Gentrification is Threatening one of Brooklyn's Last Urban Farms

Local residents and activists are digging in to save this beloved community resource.
Aaron Barksdale

New York Needs to Nix Strict Voting Laws to End Voter Suppression

Last year in the state's 12th Congressional District, merely 16,000 voters decided who would represent 715,000 New Yorkers.
Suraj Patel

Grassroots Organizing Changed the Way You Can Go Clubbing in New York City

The city created a Nightlife Advisory Board to re-characterize how the city liaises with establishments that are important both to culture and the economy.
Cayte Bosler

This Coworking Space Helps Startups Achieve Their Missions for Social Good

The Centre for Social Innovation is like a Russian nesting doll of social impact movements.
Eric Kingrea
Rise Up

The Global Citizen Festival Was a Rallying Cry for Activism to Come

Pop met policy as the advocacy organization hits record number of actions, and is gearing up for challenges ahead with artists like Stevie Wonder, Green Day, and The Killers.
Emily Weitz
Livable Planet

NYC's New Emissions Cuts are Like Taking 900,000 Cars Off the Road

New York City will target 14,500 buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to keep a commitment to the Paris climate accord.
Madeline Moitozo
Rise Up

This Non-Profit Is Changing the Stigma About New York's Homeless Population

The Coalition for the Homeless provides direct services to benefit the daily lives of New York's homeless population.
Cayte Bosler

The Fight Is On for a Healthy Hudson River

Alarm bells are ringing as local activists launch effort to protect the birthplace of America's environmental movement.
Nick Chedli Carter
Impact Water

New York City is Using Oysters to Protect the City From Future Hurricanes

After the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, the city found a natural solution to protect itself from future storms.
Cayte Bosler