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The 'FoodFight!' Campaign to End Food Waste Makes Meal Donations as Easy as Using a Rideshare App

Local activists launched a campaign to urge LA restaurants to put their tossed-out leftovers to good use.
Aaron Barksdale

This Pop-Up Barbershop Gives Underserved and Minority Groups Free Haircuts

California-based barber and activist Jaz Limos's non-profit, Saints of Steel, provides marginalized communities with a simple service to get them back on their feet.
Eric Kingrea

Republicans are Ignoring the Health Care Needs of the Nation’s Poorest Families

Congressional inaction threatens to close the doors of thousands of public health centers across the United States.​
Jim Mangia
Livable Planet

California's Wildfires Could Be the New Normal

The Thomas fire might become the largest in California’s modern history, and others like it will be an all-too-common occurrence unless steps are taken to stop them.
Starre Vartan

Justin Baldoni is Hosting a Block Party to Help the Homeless on Skid Row

The Skid Row Carnival of Love connects volunteers with one of the largest populations of homeless people in America in Downtown Los Angeles.
Matt Branham

A DREAMer Tells Us How to Help in the Fight Against Trump's DACA Decision

Pablo Barrios is the DACAmented community organizer for St. John's Well Child & Family Center in Los Angeles.
Pablo Barrios
Livable Planet

LA Wants to Switch to Electric Buses to Make You Healthier

Low-income residents are more likely to be exposed to dangerous pollution that largely comes from public transportation, but that might change.
Meg Charlton
The Rundown

LA Metro Planning to Go Renewable With 95 New Electric Buses

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
Impact Climate

A Los Angeles Teen is Fighting to Get City Buses to Run on Clean Energy

"Making this switch would be a big deal for our climate, but arguably an even bigger deal for communities like mine."
Milton Paez
Impact Climate

Finally, Everyone in Los Angeles Will Be Able to Recycle

The city of Los Angeles is rolling out more than 80,000 new recycling bins, plus a ton of jobs.
Kastalia Medrano

Local Natives Dive Into the Colorado River Drought in New 'Earthworks' Clip

The new VICELAND series follows musicians confronting activist-friendly issues on journeys around the world.
Impact Staff