The Filmmakers Behind Youth Homelessness Documentary 'SHELTER' Hope Their Film Inspires Action

Award-winning filmmakers Craig and Brent Renaud want their new VICE documentary to give visibility to a population which is too often ignored.

Jonathan Parks-Ramage

After Eighth Student is Killed, Community Mentor Reflects on Chicago Violence

Coach Williams mentored young Melvin James Jr., as seen in VICELAND's 'Last Chance High'.

Kastalia Medrano

Help Chance the Rapper and 'Last Chance High' Mentors Support Chicago Youth

The Chicago Public School system has gained notoriety as among the most embattled and least supported, but it doesn't need to be that way.

Kastalia Medrano

These After School Programs Help Young People Discover Their Potential

Programs like the North Lawndale Boxing League in VICELAND's 'Last Chance High' can have dramatic positive influences.

Kastalia Medrano

If You Care About the Success of Young People Support These Mentor Programs

VICELAND's 'Last Chance High' reminds us that a single mentor is often the catalyst for a disadvantaged kid to achieve a vastly improved quality of life.

Kastalia Medrano

Mentoring Programs Alter the Trajectory Facing Many Young People of Color

The NYC Office of the Mayor’s Young Men’s Initiative wants to inspire mentors to impact change.

Ifeoma Ike

After 'Last Chance High', Chicago's Most Vulnerable Still Need Help

Join VICE Impact in supporting front-line organizations serving the young people featured in VICELAND's groundbreaking series.

Impact Staff

This Outspoken Chicago Educator Is on a Mission to Save Public Schools

The former principal and current president of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association is fighting inequality in the city's fraught public school systems.

Kastalia Medrano

Biased Discipline Policies Put Black Girls on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Black female students can't have an opportunity to succeed if they're being criminalized in the classroom.

Nia Decaille

These Stats Show the Shocking Reality of Violent Crime in Chicago

Here's how the Windy City's crime rate stacks up within the past year.

Impact Staff

These People Dedicate Their Lives to Ending Gun Violence in Chicago

Local organizations and people are taking action into their own hands.

Jonathan Parks-Ramage

These Famous People Actually Use Their Star Power to Help At-Risk Youth

Influencers can bring much-needed cash to frontline organizations and important causes.

Aaron Barksdale