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Ways Everyday People Can Take Action on America's Homelessness Crisis Right Now

Want to make the world a better place? Here are a few immediate ways to help the most vulnerable among us.
Katelyn Harrop

Former Homeless Youth Share How They Were Able to Get Back on Their Feet

As youth homelessness continues to rise, former residents of Covenant House shelters tell us it's more important than ever to support organizations helping get kids off the streets.
Eric Kingrea

Not One Young American Should Have to Spend the Night Sleeping on the Streets

Ending youth homelessness requires a movement of government leadership, advocacy groups and social service providers coming together for change.
Kevin Ryan

The Filmmakers Behind Youth Homelessness Documentary 'SHELTER' Hope Their Film Inspires Action

Award-winning filmmakers Craig and Brent Renaud want their new VICE documentary to give visibility to a population which is too often ignored.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Thousands of Homeless Teens Now Have Somewhere to Celebrate the Holidays

Despite our broken and underfunded child welfare system, community groups like Covenant House are providing much needed support at an emotional time.
Jim Kelly

'The Force' Wants to Challenge Your Opinions on Oakland's Police Accountability

Filmmaker Peter Nicks' new documentary just wants the truth.
Sean Hutchinson
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California's Bipartisan Support Could Transform School Breakfast and Lunch Nationwide

Believe it or not, warring American political parties could actually work together to solve childhood hunger.
Matt Branham
Rise Up

Thousands of Homeless Children in Honduras Now Have a Place to Call Home

Casa Alianza tries to shelter and protect the helpless in a place that seems designed, at almost every social level, to obstruct them.
Eric Kingrea
Rise Up

People Are Sleeping on the Street For One Night to Raise Funds for Homeless Teens

On Thursday, thousands of people will be sleeping outside as part of the national movement to raise needed funds to combat teen homelessness.
Eric Kingrea

Girlgaze Is Fighting the Gender Gap by Giving Opportunities to Gen Z Female Photographers

Media icon Amanda de Cadenet is empowering women through a multi-platform social media movement.
Kastalia Medrano
Last Chance High

This Documentary on Mental Illness Gives a Platform to Youth in Crisis

Filmmakers Craig and Brent Renaud are telling the stories of disadvantaged young people and raising mental health awareness.
Sean Hutchinson
Impact Climate

Can Virtual Reality Help Us Tackle Climate Change?

From building empathy to driving action, filmmakers and advocacy groups are using cutting edge technology to try to inspire viewers to save the Earth.
Alice Rowsome