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The US Could Increase Voter Turnout By Changing the Way Americans Vote

No electoral system is perfect, but something's gotta give and European voting systems could be the way to go.
Alexis Chemblette
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Activists are Risking Their Lives to Help Migrants Struggling to Survive from France to the UK

With nowhere to go, and no end in sight of the war in Syria and elsewhere, migrants in Calais rely on activist aid as governments turn a blind eye.
Alice Rowsome
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Here’s How Trump Compares to Other World Leaders

It turns out Trump isn’t the only elected official with a less-than-enthusiastic approval rating.
Impact Staff

France is Fighting the Anti-Vaxxer Movement With Actual Science

President Emmanuel Macron's newly appointed health minister just issued mandatory vaccinations as a way to crack down on resurgent anti-vaccination campaigns.
Alexis Chemblette
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These Groups Help Young French Immigrants Gain Social Mobility

In France's beleaguered suburbs, grassroots organizations are picking up the slack and working towards a more equitable society
Alexis Chemblette
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New Facebook Algorithm Tells Your Policymakers What You’re Reading

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
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Having More Women in Power Is Not Just About Being Fair

Women in government and high-level leadership in business symbolically and substantively move society in a more equitable direction.
Molly Bangs
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France’s New President Promises Jobs to Chronically Unemployed

Emmanuel Macron wants to modernize the country’s economy and education system, but political pitchforks were out long before the first vote was cast.
Alexis Chemblette