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Trump's Anti-Environment Agenda Makes 2018 the Perfect Time to Support These Climate Orgs

Here's how you can be part of the solution to the world's mounting environmental problems.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

This Neighborhood Without a Grocery Store for 40 Years Is Changing How It Gets Good Food

Without a large supermarket to feed local residents, a movement of nonprofits and other initiatives took its place to provide fresh and healthy produce.
Helaina Hovitz
Livable Planet

How This Startup Uses Data Analytics to Reduce Food Waste

1.3 billions tons of food is wasted each year, but this group has a plan for businesses to become sustainable and save money.
Cayte Bosler
Livable Planet

Here's How We Can Conserve Nearly Two Billion Tons of Food Thrown Away Annually

People generally waste too much food every day, but a global network of farmers, businesses and policymakers has a plan to change that.
Cayte Bosler
Livable Planet

These Are the People Trying to Save Protected Public Lands from Trump’s Policies

There are many organizations dedicated to fighting the dangerous deregulation of public lands.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Livable Planet

Eat Your Plastic Cups and Plates Instead of Throwing Them Away

Innovations in edible tableware could give you a taste of the future at your next cookout.
Meg Charlton
Imapct Climate

These 5 National Parks Are So Close to Cities You Have No Excuse Not to Go

Get your nature-fix without giving up your 24-hour deli for too long.
Katelyn Harrop
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Miguel Harmonizes with Butterflies in This Exclusive New 'Earthworks' Clip

The new VICELAND series follows musicians confronting activist-friendly issues on journeys around the world.
Impact Staff
Impact Climate

Get Your Ass to These 5 Pristine National Parks While You Still Can

Climate change will eventually make the National Park System go bye-bye.
Katelyn Harrop
Impact Water

Beneath California's Waters, Marine Life Flourishes on Old Oil Rigs

Two So-Cal scientists/divers are going deep to protect fragile underwater ecosystems with Rigs-to-Reefs.
Nick Chedli Carter
Impact Climate

Can Virtual Reality Help Us Tackle Climate Change?

From building empathy to driving action, filmmakers and advocacy groups are using cutting edge technology to try to inspire viewers to save the Earth.
Alice Rowsome
Impact Water

This Desert City Wants to Be an Oasis of Water Conservation

Tucson, Arizona has added almost a quarter-million residents without using a drop more of water. Here’s how they did it.
Meg Charlton