Randy Bryce's Message to Paul Ryan About the Immediate Need for Gun Reform

The Speaker of the House's challenger in the 2018 midterm elections addresses the urgency of much-needed gun control.
Randy Bryce

Trump is Doubling Down on Obama and Bush's Legacy of Going Soft on Antitrust Problems

The last three US presidents have all had relatively weak stances on busting monopolies, which has led to worsening America's income inequality.
Jasper Craven
The Rundown

Skip Trump's SOTU and Watch the 'People’s State of the Union' Event Instead

Activists and celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Alyssa Milano planned their own State of the Union counter-programming to President Trump's Congressional address.
Impact Staff
Rise Up

For 45 Million Americans, Student Debt Could Be a Thing of the Past

Some lawmakers really do want to make college affordable again, and here's how.
Kimberly Lawson
Rise Up

Bernie Sanders on Why the Time Is Now to Make College Tuition Free

The debilitating price tag on college, coupled with the fact that 44 million Americans already owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, is why Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the 'College for All' Act earlier this year.
Kimberly Lawson
Vote Now

Money in Politics is Corrupting American Democracy

Your vote is more important than ever in fighting back big money undermining the political process.
Tiffany Muller
Livable Planet

A Coalition of Angry Moms Want Congress to Fix the EPA

Moms from the environmental activism arm of Van Jones' Dream Corps mobilized for climate justice in D.C.
Demetria Irwin

Congressman John Conyers on Why Now is the Time for Medicare for All

60 Percent of Americans are in support of a single-payer health care system. This Michigan lawmaker lays out how the country gets there.
John Conyers

Randy Bryce on Paul Ryan and Why Unions are the Defenders of Working People

Ironworker, veteran and union member Randy Bryce is running for Congress against the sitting Speaker of the House to raise the minimum wage, ensure healthcare and support labor.
Randy Bryce
Rise Up

With Obamacare Safe for Now, Local Activists Push for Medicare-for-All

For many activists, there's no time to waste on unresponsive elected officials when it comes to the nation's health care future.
Emily Weitz
Impact Health

Cory Booker's New Bill Pushes For Decriminalized Weed Nationwide

New Jersey Senator Corey Booker's announcement prioritizes legalization in his broader racial justice effort.
Ana Wu

Scientists Are Using Twitter to Battle Brazil’s Congressional Corruption

59 percent of the Brazilian Congress has been implicated. Could this social media-focused project meant to hold elected officials accountable work in the US?
Irio Musskopf and Eduardo Cuducos.