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This Higher Ed Advocacy Group Wants to Eliminate Student Debt in California

Students average $35,000 in debt, but a free tuition advocacy organization wants to redefine how higher education is funded in their state.
Eric Kingrea
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These Scholarships Help Dreamers Who Can't Afford College

While Capitol Hill continues to be in turmoil over DACA, a number of private organizations are picking up the slack to help the nation’s young people achieve a decent future.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Billions in Untapped College Financial Aid Is up for Grabs With This New Tool

An online platform helps move students past the outdated FAFSA to streamline the process of making college more affordable.
Helaina Hovitz
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For 45 Million Americans, Student Debt Could Be a Thing of the Past

Some lawmakers really do want to make college affordable again, and here's how.
Kimberly Lawson
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College Students Could Lead a New Age of Activism

Curious about where to get involved and take action in between classes? Here are some student-led advocacy groups that will help you get started.
Nadja Sayej

People Can't Afford College, so They're Taking Free College Classes Online

Massive Online Open Courses could spark a college affordability renaissance, but they're also probably too good to be true.
Emily Weitz
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In 2017, College Affordability Is Far From a Reality in the US

State legislators are still hard at work developing creative programs to pump the breaks on student debt and increase accessibility to postsecondary programs.
Katelyn Harrop
Last Chance High

Pennsylvania Crime Initiative Works by Helping Former Inmates Get Jobs

Most of us still fail to really grasp how insurmountable the transition can be, but formerly incarcerated people can get help with access to the right resources.
Kastalia Medrano
The Rundown

People Are Mobilizing To Defend The Right To A Free Internet

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff

Med Students at Black Colleges on How to Fix Healthcare for People of Color

Many of them have experienced the challenges themselves.
Ryan Brown

Making College Free Would Save Lives—and Money

Consider the evidence.
Vishal Khetpal
The Third Industrial Revolution

Why We Need an Updated Education System Now More Than Ever

Social and economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin explains why we must rethink productivity in order to survive.
Alexis Chemblette