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Protecting the World's Forests Still Matters Even If You Live in a City

You may think tropical forests have little to do with your urban life, but you probably use a rainforest product everyday. This year's International Day of Forests is all about protecting these important natural resources no matter where you live.
Brittany Wienke
Livable Planet

The US Ski Industry Is Suffering from the Effects of Climate Change

Climate change is threatening a way of life, with billion-dollar industries and local economies potentially melting away.
Eric Kingrea
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Trump's Anti-Environment Agenda Makes 2018 the Perfect Time to Support These Climate Orgs

Here's how you can be part of the solution to the world's mounting environmental problems.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
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Climate Change-Fueled Natural Disasters Made 2017 the Costliest Weather Year Ever

The U.S. suffered 16 weather and climate disasters that each caused losses in excess of $1 billion, but recovery programs are trying to combat this new normal.
Meg Charlton

Maryland Protesters Confronted State Lawmakers for Better Clean Energy Jobs

Activists across the state are demanding that elected officials make environmental justice part of their economic policy.
Aaron Barksdale

Empowering Women Could Reduce Climate Change

The UN's new Gender Action Plan focuses on women achieving equal representation in government across the world by addressing climate change issues.
Jessica Williamson

Hawaii Wants to Eliminate Fossil Fuels from All Public and Private Ground Transportation by 2045

By setting a clear goal to eliminate fossil fuels and tackle climate change head-on, Honolulu mayor Kirk Caldwell says the island state is sending a signal to the market and to the world that Hawaii is open for business in the best kind of way.
Kirk Caldwell
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California's Wildfires Could Be the New Normal

The Thomas fire might become the largest in California’s modern history, and others like it will be an all-too-common occurrence unless steps are taken to stop them.
Starre Vartan

Trump Holds the US Back While Other Countries and American Cities Take Action Against Climate Change

President Trump’s denialism caused cities to push for more ambitious climate action, but at this rate the Paris pledges won't keep us below temperatures necessary for survival.
Johanna Partin
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America Gave Up On Climate Change, So These Global Efforts Stepped Up

The UN honored big thinkers addressing climate change around the world.
Alexis Chemblette

African Countries Want to Slow the Effects of Climate Change by Beefing Up Their Farm Industries

Some are building resilient agricultural systems to slow the effects of climate change, create jobs and kickstart economies.
Alexis Chemblette
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The COP23 Climate Change Summit Is Suddenly Important Because of Trump's Paris Agreement Withdrawal

President Trump threw the landmark Paris agreement into disarray, but other countries are taking the responsibility for trying to halt climate change.
Alexis Chemblette