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Campus Organizers Petition Government Agency to Recognize US as 'a Nation of Immigrants'

The new mission statement by the USCIS sparked a college-led, pro-immigration controversy for students to take action.
Katelyn Harrop
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These Veterans Are Standing With the Parkland Students in the Gun Control Debate

The school shooting in Florida has amplified the message of former soldiers who want stronger gun regulation.
Jasper Craven
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Three People-Powered Advocacy Campaigns to Watch in 2018

These campaigns are using our moment of upheaval to mobilize people to protect birth control, voting rights and against economic inequality this year and beyond.
Emily Weitz
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Women's March Activists Set Their Sights on the 2018 Midterm Elections

In New York City, and across the country, the March's anti-Trump sentiment is poised to take to the polls.
Molly Bangs
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A Year Later, the Women's March Movement Is Primed for Political Victory

We talked with women-led advocacy groups about their path to win at the polls in 2018.
Molly Bangs

Erica Garner Leaves a Legacy for Activism That We All Can Learn From

After her tragic death at the age of 27, the criminal justice reform advocate, Bernie Sanders surrogate and daughter of Eric Garner leaves behind a blueprint of how to be a true advocate in these challenging times.
Rania Batrice

How It Feels to Be a Once-Undocumented Immigrant Fighting for the DACA Bill

We are asking all DREAMers and allies to help us mount public pressure in what may be our last chance before DACA is repealed to help protect our friends and families.
Tereza Lee
The Rundown

We Spoke to the Jailed Activists on Hunger Strike to Protect DACA

Activists launched an all-out effort demanding that elected officials pass a clean DREAM Act.
Impact Staff
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This Campaign Wants Justice for Meek Mill and the Nearly 5 Million People on Unfair Probation

#Cut50 has created a campaign around Mill’s case to draw attention to the hardships of the millions of Americans who are on probation or parole.
Demetria Irwin

YouTuber Franchesca Ramsey Has Called Out Racism Online for Half a Decade

"Anytime you advocate for marginalized people, there will be people that are threatened by it."
Alice Rowsome
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Facebook Announces New Fundraising and Disaster Response Tools To Help Your Favorite Cause

Your guide to Facebook's new Social Good Forum, what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff

I Made the 'Nasty Woman' T-Shirt That Became a Symbol of Anti-Trump Resistance

After creating a viral fashion phenomenon, and raising over $100K for Planned Parenthood, Amanda Brinkman wants to continues to be a nasty woman who does even more good.
Amanda Brinkman